Illustrations By Gerhard Haderer To Point Out The Reality Of Society Nowadays

Art can oftentimes be used as a way to showcase the reality of a given situation. Artistic minds see the world differently; people argue whether the artistic mind is a pessimistic or realistic mind. However, there is no doubt that in most of the cases they do not see the world through ‘rose-colored glasses’. The power of art, be it of any kind, is extremely big – for those who take their time to watch and analyze, or simply gaze at any form of art – it will definitely make one feel something.

However, there are a lot of artists nowadays who have taken to the beautiful way of expression – it being art – to send messages or simply allow other people to enter their creative mind, as well as their perspectives and their personal points of view. What’s important is that through art; illustrations, books people might get inspired and, as we know, the biggest journeys start with the smallest steps.

The Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer’s illustrations have been doing exactly that – showcasing the reality of the world through satire. The artist had at one point faced court for one of his books, The Life of Jesus. He developed his style when working as a graphic designer and illustrator – later on, he became a freelance caricaturist and satirical illustrator.

See below for some of his art:


Gerhard Haderer

1. Nowadays’ sensation.

Gerhard Haderer


2. I often stop myself from doing this and simply stop and stare. It has somehow become a habit.
Gerhard Haderer


3. A smile to start the day.


4. Today’s generations.


5. In the age of technology…


6. I did not see, I did not hear, I did not speak.


7. Chaos.


8. To each their own.


9. Disbalance.


10. Reminds me of Eddie Vedder’s lyrics: “We have a greed, with which we have agreed”

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11. The White House.


12. Cruelty.


13. Where has today come to?


14. The distances we create between ourselves.


15. After unwrapping gifts.


16. The need to stand out.


17. The power of the pen.


18. Pros and cons of technology.


19. The injustice of the world.


20. A way of spending time, technology has become a way of life.

Source: GerhardHaderer
From: Boredpanda