Illustrator Shares The Reality Of Living With A Boyfriend And A Cat

Living with your partner has its own ups and downs: while it feels like a total mess sometimes, this is compensated by some of the best days of your life. But what happens when you have another member of the household, and that happens to be your cat? One illustrator decided to answer that question with her art.

Mikiko Ponczeck, also known under the pseudonym Zombiesmile is a German-Japanese comic book artist based in London. In 2007, she has published her graphic novel Lost and Found followed by an artbook called Zombiesmile. Her DeviantArt page reached 1 million views in 2012 which put Mikiko on the map and in 2016, she won the prestigious German Max & Moritz Prize for her comic Crash and Burn.

Mikiko decided to share what living with her boyfriend and cat really is like in these cute little 9 drawings, collected by 9gag.

1. Where all the “lost things” go


2. The perfect selfie stick


3. This is why we all love our tall friends


4. Showering problems


5. Love hurts!


6. How to fully charge your batteries


7. Sometimes you just have artist’s block…


8. Transforming in three, two, one…


9. But love is the best feeling ever.


What do you guys think? Can you relate to these drawings? Which one was your favorite? Personally, I just loved the honesty about them.

Source: 9Gag