These 12+ Imperfectly Perfect Animals Will Brighten Your Day

We are always preaching acceptance and self-love for ourselves, saying how it’s important to embrace yourself the way you are, flaws and all because that’s what makes you unique. You can’t scroll down your social media sites without seeing a motivational, self-love quote or two. Which is a good thing! Of course, we need to promote self-love in this time when beauty standards are becoming less and less possible.

But that raises the question: are you also applying the same philosophy to all creatures? Our pets also come in all shapes and sizes, and some do come with what society perceives as a “flaw”, so does that mean they’re less deserving of love? Of course, not! All animals are adorable, cute, and cuddly, and the ones below prove it!


1. According to the person who posted this picture, this little guy was “very friendly”!

Photo Credit: © unknown / reddit


2. Your Monday face, my Monday face, all our Monday faces…


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Photo Credit: theadventuresofkev


3. A cute kitty, a lovely kitty.


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4. “Say hello to Scuba!” Hi, Scuba!! I love you, Scuba!

Photo Credit: © u/sammixxlove / reddit


5. This dog born without his front legs is “extremely outgoing and a true inspiration.”

Photo Credit: © unknown / imgur


6. Meet Smush. Yes, her name is Smush! 


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7. Look at his little bowtie! Look at it!

Photo Credit: © unknown / imgur


8. “My friend’s cat, full-derp and extra cute!” Indeed so…

Photo Credit: © u/someshooter / reddit


9. This is not a cat, this is a goddess!


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10. I am Roo, the Kangaroo cat.


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11. Issa pirate!

Photo Credit: © kellykat89 / imgur


12. You do not wanna cross this cat. No, sir-ee!

Photo Credit: © Cdprojects / imgur


13. Just look at those little paws!

Photo Credit: © u/lovemybudz / reddit


14. This looks like a very friendly dog.

Photo Credit: © unknown / reddit


15. Her eyes look like two different planets!

Photo Credit: © u/SupremeCommunistCat / reddit


16. Would you look at that little smile!

imperfectly perfect animals
Photo Credit: © unknown / imgur


17. Meet Vincent (van Gogh), the one-eared cat.

imperfectly perfect animals
Photo Credit: © u/I_speak_Australian / reddit


18. Another pirate cat! And he has a captive.

imperfectly perfect animals
Photo Credit: © u/mofo69420 / reddit

Weren’t these animals the absolute cutest? Don’t they just wanna make you squeeze them and love them? Do you also have an adorable pet? Share it with us in the comments.

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