Pay Attention To These Important Signs Your Body Is Trying To Warn You For Being Stressed

Your body will tell you if you are not okay. It will give you signs, one after the other. It’s your duty to learn to understand yourself. You should learn how to communicate with yourself. It’s crucial. It affects your well-being if you do not invest in building the body and the mind. Postponing the Monday when you are going to start taking care of yourself more, it’s only going to do you harm. Don’t wait for that 1st of next month to change the situation you’re in. There’s no right time. Don’t wait to wake up in the morning and expect to be ready to make a change. Changes can happen, but not that way. The right time won’t come because the right time is NOW and THERE *just where you are.

Maybe you’ve been longing a saving for too long now, but were too good at denying it. Well, deny it no more. Here we are giving you a list of signs that will shake you up and make you realize that, damn dude, you’re stressed (stressed, stressed – echoes in the distance). Your body is sending you alarms. Stop snoozing. Pay attention. Love yourself. Now check out if you find yourself fitting into some of the signs listed.


1. You’ve Got Skin Diseases


Thinking that acne appears due to lack of proper skin care routine and by greasy foods only, you’re not right. One of the most major causes of acne, is actually, stress. Adolescents face a lot of stress during those years of their lives – that’s why they tend to face acne problems more. Psychological stress is a trigger of skin problems.


2. Your Weight Fluctuates Wildly

The times when you could control your body weight through diet and exercise is long gone, and you wonder why? Well, during stressful times the release of some hormones is different. Cortisol hormone, which is responsible for keeping the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in your body in check, gets produced more. Due to chronic stress, your body ends up burning fewer or more calories, which leads to weight gain or weight loss depending on the individual.


3. You Get A Cold Too Often

important signs body warn stress


The mentioning of cortisol above, gets linked here too. Your immune system’s sensitivity to cortisol due to chronic stress reduces, which causes inflammation. That’s the reason that you are getting a cold too often no matter what the season is.


4. You Face Stomach Problems

No matter how long the list gets by your doctor prescribing medications which fail to provide relief for your gastric problems, it isn’t helping you out. You’re starting to go crazy from that annoying stomach pain which just won’t stop. You actually have visited more than one doctor. Yet, the pain won’t go away. What is it? Well, better go see a therapist. It has to do with your anxiety. Stress, put it plainly.


5. You Have Poor Concentration Levels


Stress causes nervous tension that’s why you can’t be efficient in the way you used to be before. Your concentration level dropped and you just can’t focus the same anymore. Not even when it comes to tasks you enjoy performing. No.
Time to sit down and have an honest convo with yourself.


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6. You Experience Hair Loss

You have been noticing that lately more than ever you are experiencing hair loss. Been wondering why? Well, this one is bad news since stress not only can cause hair loss but it can have the power to make you partially or fully bald. You need to work on reducing the stress amount you’re giving to yourself. Stop waiting for the magic to happen by taking vitamin supplements or following the right diets.


7. You Get Frequent Headaches

important signs body warn stress


Causes of a headache can be different, starting from sleeping in the wrong position to having sinusitis, high or low blood pressure, and even pregnancy; but you can’t deny the fact that one of the commonest cause, yet underrated, for having terrible headaches, is stress. You can take painkillers from time to time, but I’d suggest you face yourself and kill the pain of stress once and for all.


8. You Have No Interest In Under-The-Cover Fun

Studies show that people experiencing high levels of stress, lose their desire for engaging in sexual behavior. If you’ve found yourself lately not being active enough under the sheets or your partner is complaining more than ever, maybe she/he is right. If you know they’re right but still believe you have the right to not be turned on sometimes – know that, yes, you do have that right – but also, you know how fun that was before and they’re still into that mood even though you’ve flipped out of the desire… you can get back to it by taking command over your stress, over yourself.


9. You Can’t Sleep

important signs body warn stress


Damn dudes, insomnia is a dirty f**ker. Been there with this, and I know how much it sucks. You can’t sleep because it feels like your thoughts are riding solo 280km/h. You can’t shut down your mind. Just can’t. You feel helpless. Hopeless. Thoughts go just on and on like a Basta Rhymes lyrics. Well, that’s another sign your body is trying to alert you for your stressful condition. It depends on you if you’re willing to change this or not; and if you listen to me, better do it sooner than later. Sleep is crucial for one’s well-being.


10. You Experience A Literal Heartache

There are frequent occasions when your chest is literally in pain as if you lost the love of your life but you have them sitting right in front of you without you being able to talk to them or touch them or… f*ck it, that was such a picturesque description – maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic who experienced such pain leaving Paris after a short visit but nevermind me – mind yourself, because that kind of pain caused by stress, can lead to cardiovascular diseases. And no, you don’t want that.


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