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12+ Impressive Life Hacks That Can Always Come In Handy

12+ Impressive Life Hacks That Can Always Come In Handy

I, myself, am someone who panics easily and when I do, my brain simply stops. So, I’m sad to announce that in times of need, you can’t really count on me. Well, you can always count on me for emotional support, but when you need someone to help you restart the engine of a truck, I don’t think you could make use of my shoulder to lean on. You know what I’m saying? That’s why I have always admired people who have tricks and solutions up their sleeve at all times. It’s like they can never be unprepared for anything.

Well, this article is proof that the creativity of people has really peaked. Follow me and see for yourself.


1. This steering wheel

What, you think you should throw the whole bike away? Yeah, thanks but no thanks. This person thought of a solution.

Reddit | 65a1050


2. Zip ties

Well, it has happened to all of us to have the head of the hammer slip out while we are still at work. Maybe not to all of us, but you get my point. Zip ties are always a good idea, though. However, I hope this is a temporary fix.

Reddit | reallyweirdperson


3. Side mirror

When your side mirror is not as big as you want it to be, here’s what you can do.

Reddit | AN0122


4. Phone camera

I have to admit, I never thought that this would work, or that anyone would think about it this way, but hey, as long as the battery doesn’t run out…

Reddit | northead


5. Downspouts

Well, to keep the water off your foundation is super important. And definitely more important than a boot, so this idea is golden.

Reddit | gray_jacket


6. Maximum volume

If you want to set an artificial maximum volume on your stereo, all it takes is a drill and a pair of screws.

Reddit | StrBr


7. Floating pool chairs

Ain’t they ridiculously expensive? Yes, they really are. But this trick with pool noodles? Totally worth a try.

Reddit | ardvarknet


8. Keeping a door closed

This person’s door obviously had trouble staying latched, and while we can all agree that their solution sure wasn’t pretty, it’s definitely pretty effective.

Reddit | Rmsuchy


9. Phone dashboard mount

Easy peasy lemon squeezy and also cheap. Do you really need a fancy phone holder? DO YOU? Yup, I thought so.

Reddit | diegocogo


10. A broken doorknob

A pair of vise-grips and ta-da! I think this would work a little too well and no one would bother fixing the knob…

Reddit | pointlessdavid42

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11. Shifter knob

Well, here is a much, much cheaper solution for your missing shifter knob.

Reddit | Treevus


12. Teaspoon lever

Had the lever of the faucet broken down? Worry not as there is a super cheap solution to your problem.

Reddit | Skitty_Lord


13. Toothbrush holder

Keep this in store for when you’re traveling and you don’t want your toothbrush resting on the counter.

Reddit | BrReg


14. Horse to the rescue

I mean, it’s not like the horse is going to run out of gas but it does run out of strength and energy. You should be very careful with this one. Personally, I believe you could live without trying this one out. Actually, you should live without trying this one out.

impressive hacks
Reddit | WutUtalkingBoutWill

What’s your favorite hack of resourcefulness?


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