Here Are Some Of The Most Impressive And Unique Structures Around The Planet

The human hand is the creator of many remarkable structures around the globe. Many of the structures are practical masterpieces, however, some of them are not only impressive and unique from the outside but they also carry profound meaning. Diply has compiled a list of some of the most remarkable structures on the planet.

1. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas

E.Fay Jones designed this stunning chapel that was constructed in 1980. It contains 425 windows and over 6 000 square feet of glass.

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Source: Reddit | escaladorevan

2. Polygone Riviera, France

The creative and unique building is part of a shopping complex in France. 2

Source: Reddit | malgoya

3. El Palau, Spain

This extraordinary concert hall in Catalonia was designed by the Spanish architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. It was built between 1905 and 1908.


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4. Colorful house, India.

This beautiful piece of art becomes a stunning colorful LED light show at night.

Source: Reddit | malgoya

5. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

The architect Franck Lloyd Wright designed this astonishing house that complements its natural setting. The house was built in 1935 and it is partly built over a waterfall on Bear Run.

Source: Reddit | wookieforhire

6. National Art Center, Japan

The largest installation of Emmanuel Lemoureaux work is called ‘Forest of Numbers.’ There are around 60,000 pieces of suspended numeral figures from 0 to 9.

Source: Emmanuel Lemoureaux

7. The Interface, Singapore

No, this is not a futuristic building from the movies. It is real-life residential complex in Singapore. It covers 170,000 m² of gross floor area and it consists of 31 interlaced apartment blocks.

Source: Reddit | roninblade

8. OCAD University, Canada

OCAD is a public university in Toronto, Ontario which has creative buildings and structures. One of them is called ‘Tabletop.’
The cool ‘Tabletop’ building towers above the streets of downtown Toronto.

Source: Wikipedia | Raysonho

9. ‘Cairn’ rock sculpture, Nevada

This kneeling man, made of rocks, was commissioned in 1998 as part of a major exhibition. Celeste Roberge created this piece of art, which is on display at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Source: Instagram | @streetartglobe

10. House on the Cliff, Spain

Another impressive building, this time in Granada, Spain. Architect Gil Bartolomé designed this unique and futuristic house.

Source: Reddit | Teillu

11. Elevated bike path, Denmark

The citizens in Copenhagen take their biking seriously. This awesome elevated orange bike-only lane is called Cykelslangen, or Cycle Snake.

Source: Reddit | misnamed

12. Also, here is an amazing structure that is not of our world

The 41-year-old 3D artist, Chad Knight is the creator of mind-blowing digital art. His extraordinary and unique approach to digital sculptures has become a hit on the Internet.

Source: Instagram | @chadknight
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