Incredible Discovery – 130-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs Have Been Found In China

Even though the dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, they are still a great fascination and mystery. A nest of almost spotlessly preserved dinosaurs eggs has been found under a construction site in China where construction workers have unearthed more than 200 well-preserved dinosaur eggs.

During the construction of a school in the Jiangxi Province in Southeastern China, construction workers stumbled across 20 black shells underneath the soil. The former life form frozen in time was found at a location known to locals as the as “The Hometown of Dinosaurs”.

According to China News, the eggs were spotted on December 25 in Ganzhou’s Dayu County. According to archaeologists, the eggs are around 130 million years old.

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Reportedly, the constructors were breaking the ground with explosives when they stumbled across a cluster of “oval-shaped stones”


Seeing 2mm black pieces resembling debris between the oval rocks, the workers halted the explosives and immediately called the police. As it turned out, the “black debris” were the fossilized eggshells and what appeared to be oval stones were fossilized dinosaur eggs.


According to China News, the eggs date back to the Cretaceous period – the last period of the age of dinosaurs. The eggs are now in Dayu County Museum, where they will be held for further testing.


Even though the discovery is special, it’s not the first time people from the region have stumbled upon such artifacts – Ganzhou is known as a rich deposit of dinosaur eggs.

Also, only at the end of November, the discovery of another cluster of dinosaur eggs in China was reported in the journal Science. According to The New York Times, the eggs uncovered in the Gobi Desert near the Mongolian border belonged to flying reptiles called pterosaurs and are thought to be 130 million years old.



Did you know that six dinosaurs were named after Ganzhou, for instance, Ganzhousaurus, or Ganzhou Lizard?

Probably this reminded you of grisly T-Rex and the Diplodocus in the incredible Jurassic Park.

If it did, here is the new trailer for the latest part of the franchise.

Source: unilad

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