Incredible Video Of A 40 Ton Humpback Whale Leaping Entirely Out Of The Water

Have you ever been lucky enough to see a whale leap out of the water? Me, neither. I just love watching videos of whales on the internet and how they suddenly entertain people with their majestic view.

To be honest, nothing is Utopia-like, and they even splash people sometimes when they are so close to the boats. (Imagine how fun it would be, though). Now, for your information, this behavior of whales, when they jump and slap the water with their fins and tails, is known as ‘breaching’.

And although these behaviors have been mysterious for a long time, according to the scientists they are a form of communication for them.

Now, for the sake of visual pleasure, in the footage below you can see a 40-ton whale that was filmed near Mbotyi in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa.

Source: Craig Capehart

The footage was recorded by a scuba driver named Craig Capehart who happened to be in a duck boat when he was served with the spectacular display. This is how he captioned the uploaded video on YouTube:

It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water! A very rare event, indeed. Dolphins and even Great White Sharks have been seen flying out of the water, but this is a first for an adult humpback whale!

And according to the people who have studied these mammals, the average weight of a full grown adult whale is around 80,000 pounds. Imagine, it’s the same weight as 24 adult hippos. But this one type of whales, known as humpback whales, is very active above the water surface.

Finally, let’s admit a general truth, no matter how often these mammals appear, they will always put spectacular air displays for human fellows!


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