12+ Indian Girl Names That Hold A Unique Meaning, Just As Your Little One Is – Unique

They say having a baby is the most beautiful feeling that one can get. And, to be honest I cannot wait to experience the feeling myself. I mean, we are all aware of the responsibilities that come along with having a baby, however, in the end, it is worth it seeing your baby grow up, having them around, sitting on the sofa and looking at the baby playing, the first steps they take, and, finally witness the amazing person your baby becomes.

Even though pregnancy might sound a little bit scary (giving labor, also) the process itself holds some fun to it. Especially when the time comes to pick a name for your little one who’s on the way. I have to admit, picking your baby’s name has some pressure to it since the name you pick will remain with them forever – this falls into the ‘responsibility’ category as well. I mean, all parents out there want the best for their babies, and, it is obvious they want the most perfect name there is.

I am not yet to be a mother, I’m not even in a relationship, however, my sister is expecting and guess whose responsibility is to find a name. ME! As much as I want to name my little niece, I have to admit, the pressure is killing me (not really, I’m being overly dramatic here, but, you get my point.)

Gather around dear readers, since we are here today to show you some Indian girl names that not only sound beautiful but also hold a significant meaning to it. Follow me below and let us get inspired together, whether your baby is on the way, your sister’s, or your best friend’s.

1. Anmol

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Precious; Priceless.

2. Anaisha

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Special; Unique.

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3. Bodhi

Origin – Sanskrit. Meaning – Enlightenment.

4. Chaaya

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Shade; Shadow.

5. Danika

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Morning Star.

6. Elina

Origin – Spanish. Meaning – Intelligent.

7. Inaaya

Origin – Arabic. Meaning – Gift of God.

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8. Jiya

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Heart; Soul.

9. Kaira

Origin – Scandinavian. Meaning – Peaceful; Pure.

10. Kalindi

Origin – Sanskrit. Meaning – Sun.

11. Mandakini

Origin- Sanskrit. Meaning – River.

12. Mehek

Origin – Hindi/Urdu. Meaning – Fragrance.

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13. Mouli

Origin – Sanskrit. Meaning – Crown; A tuft of hair.

14. Prisha

Origin – Hindi. Meaning – Beloved.

15. Saanvi

Origin – Mythology. Meaning – Synonym for Goddess Lakshmi.

16. Sana

Origin – Arabic/Sanskrit. Meaning – Resplendent (Arabic); Eternal (Sanskrit)

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17. Zoya

Origin – Russian. Meaning – Life.

18. Shanaya

Origin – Sanskrit. Meaning – First rays of the Sun

We hope you found these names cute and unique for your little one. Keep in mind, as your kiddo is special, they deserve to have a unique name. Let us know in the comments’ section below which one you found the most interesting one. We’ll be reading, dears! Kisses and good luck in your motherhood journey.

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