Insanely Easy And Cool Clothes Transformations You Can Try This Weekend

Don’t you agree that DIYs give life to the boring clothes you have folded in your wardrobe?! Long gone are the times that took so much time going through all the clothes you have, so you can throw away the ones you no longer wear. Be it outworn, boring ones or you simply don’t like them anymore – these are only some of the reasons why people decide to give away, or throw away clothes.

However, nowadays we are offered so many DIYs that we can turn them into the most beautiful ones, and don’t really have to end our ‘relationship’ with them. You own a dress that for some reason doesn’t suit your style and preferences, bo-ho, you can make a cute t-shirt out of it. Those outworn jeans you own for so long now, and waiting for you to wear them? They don’t really have to go into the trash, or to anyone’s body since you can make some outstanding shorts to rock summer night outs, or the beach. What a beautiful time to be alive. I mean, creativity is intelligence having fun, right?

Mandadicas on Instagram, with 517K followers, offers so many DIYs that you can get your hand on and start applying them right now. Her motto is to dream, create and inspire also, she sure knows how to do it like a pro.

Let us go through three of her most watched work of art and have some fun together.

1. Tye DIY Jeans

She initially cuts the jeans (whatever length you like.)

She then ties the shorts using elastics.

Puts them into a bowl and pours bleach in water.

Watch the video for the details. You also have a full tutorial in her YouTube channel.


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2. DIY Animal Print Shorts

She initially uses foil and nail polish to make the animal prints.

To make the shorts more appealing, she attaches a belt with studs.

And, Ta-dah. Easy, peasy, isn’t it?

Watch the full video:


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3. Denim Jacket Design

She initially creates some patches for the Jacket.

She then glues safety pins to each of the patches so she can attach them in the jacket.

clothes transformations

The end product, oh boy!

clothes transformations

Watch the video for the details.


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Now you have something to get your hands into this weekend. Share with us if you try any of the DIYs. We’ll be reading *winks.*

Source: Mandadicas

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