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11 Curvy Models Who Know How To Inspire Through Their Instagram Posts

11 Curvy Models Who Know How To Inspire Through Their Instagram Posts

Social media has become extremely impactful today. Taking into consideration that we’re scrolling and scrolling all day, every day. Each of us looking for a source of inspiration, something to make our days brighter, something that we can learn from and that we’ll remember.

Well, while probably every one of us has someone who they like to follow on social media, simply because their posts are inspirational and motivational, rest assured that there are so many great numbers of people out there who have the power to inspire you by simply being themselves.

We all have our preferences, I mean, there’s me who follows a ton of poets, there could be people who follow chefs, crafters, models, and so on. But, let me tell you, when it comes to people who do nothing but be themselves in the most genuine and motivational way, it doesn’t take preferences to hit the follow button.

Beauty standards have, somehow, confined society’s thoughts, they have made us believe what they have wanted to make us believe – that beauty lies on a small waist, long legs, and a ‘perfectly’ shaped body. However, who was the society to tell us what was ‘perfect’ in the first place. Because for as long as I have lived and learned, ‘perfect’ was a subjective matter. And last time I checked, that’s how it was.

So, if you agree with me, and like seeing more of people who tend to push the boundaries of beauty and whatever other social constructs, scroll below for a list of curvy models you should be following on Instagram for your daily dose of inspiration and self-love.

1. Naomi Shimada

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2. Jada Sezar

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3. Sonny Turner

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4. Candice Huffine

5. Hayley Hasselhoff

6. Ashley Graham

7. Riley Ticotin

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8. Diana Veras

9. Tash Ncube

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10. Iskra Lawrence

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11. Brielle Anyea Cunningham


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