Instagram Influencer Stands Up For Emily Skye After Being Shamed For Her Postpartum Stomach

Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby is pretty much one of the best feelings in the world. Moms need all the attention, recognition, appreciation and love that we can give. However, the internet has its downsides and people online are so brave, have no filter whatsoever and don’t really care what their hurtful words might mean or do to certain people. Especially new mothers.

This mom recently gave birth to a beautiful baby and posted an adorable picture of them together. And when a person online decided to comment and shame Emily’s post-partum body, of course, many came to her defense.

emily skye shamed postpartum stomach


Emily Skye’s posted the photo of her post-pregnancy stomach alongside her baby and negative comments about her appearance caught the eye of Angelica Tapia, an Instagram influencer, to which she responded.

Absolutely disgusted when a man body shamed @emilyskyefit and told her that her stomach was still wrinkly and loose. Men, we grow human beings and give birth. Yes, our stomach will sometimes be loose/wrinkled after growing a baby!

emily skye shamed postpartum stomach

To which Emily responded back by thanking her for those words.

The idea that women’s bodies are going to be perfect after giving birth needs to end. During and after the pregnant women go through a lot of changes. After all, they are carrying a human inside of them. Some of these changes might be different for each and one of them but no one is immune. Having stretch marks or loose belly skin is absolutely normal and these are only a few of those changes.

However, everything is worth it when you know that you brought a beautiful baby into this world, that will bring you happiness and joy.

I believe Emily is not focused at all on what the haters have to say when she has her baby daughter by her side. And to all the new mothers out there, you are beautiful, you are appreciated and nothing besides you and your baby (or babies) matter.

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