Wait What? Instagram Makeup Artist Invents ‘Right Angle Eyebrows’

What’s with people inventing new types of eyebrows lately? Just stop it, please! No more halo eyebrows, gluing glass on them or any of the sort. But my hopes are in vain because someone just invented… Right angle eyebrows? Wait what?

That’s right. No, I didn’t misspell anything, you read that correctly. It’s right angle eyebrows, ladies and gentlemen, and others!

And I’m not making it up, because ThisIsInsider reported on it first. According to the makeup artist behind this new, weird Instagram invention, not having eyebrows provides a space, a blank canvas to work with. It will come as no surprise to you if I tell you that the artist actually calls themselves Void.

They identify as transgender, so their passion is creating right-angled eyebrows, or in translation, drawing sharp angles over the eyebrow area. Void love geometry and are keen to explore it further in their work saying that it possesses the magic to trick the eyes at certain angles. Right angles, right? (These puns are making themselves. But that’s thanks to geometry too!)

Void are from Arizona and go under the handle of @vforvoid on Instagram. The makeup artist spoke to Allure, saying:

“I just do whatever makes me happy. And geometry just so happens to do so. It’s as simple as that. I can’t say I relate, but I respect that. Incorporating geometry into my makeup has challenged me to piece looks together in a different way and improve my line work.”

Void recommend remembering that the lines will never be completely straight, due to the curvature of the face.

“It’s all about tricking the eye at certain angles,” Void say, explaining how their eyebrows work.

Basically, it’s drawing variations of right triangles (called so because they contain a right angle) over your eyebrows. Not complicated, unless you somehow skipped school for most of your life.

But the precondition for doing this is… Not having eyebrows?

“Not having brows gives me a lot more space and more of a blank canvas to work with,” Void say. But if you’re not keen on shaving them off, no problem: “Just tailor it to fit what you’ve got,” they add.

Well. What’s it gonna be? No brows at all? Right angle eyebrows? Just leaving your eyebrows alone…?

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Source: thisisinsider