12+ Interesting Tattoos People Got Based On Their Scars

Scars can be beautiful because they often show that we survived something, whether that’s a fight with ourselves, with a disease, or with fate. While many decide to wear them proudly just as they are, there are many who want to add a little something extra, whether that’s to cover a bad memory or to just make it a little cooler than it is. I’m talking, of course, about tattoos.

There are many reasons one might decide to get a tattoo, like to honor a loved one, document a memory, or just because they like how it looks, but there are also many people who decide to get a tattoo over or based around a scar, and the results are just mind-blowing. Taking something that society considers “wrong” or “unattractive” and turning it into a little work of art just goes to show that there is beauty in everything.

So, scroll down to see some of the most interesting and beautiful tattoos designed around people’s scars.


1. Little fishy…

Photo Credit: Custom Tattoo Design


2. Pretty roses, because you kicked cancer’s ass!

Photo Credit: garnettattoo


3. Simple and beautiful!

Photo Credit: sygov_


4. Just perfect for a writer.

Photo Credit: tatoobaku


5. A beautiful explosion of colors!

Photo Credit: volkantattooz


6. You would never even know it was there!

Photo Credit: erdogancavdar


7. Nothing that a needle and a bit of yarn can’t fix.

Photo Credit: hombroycodo


8. How gorgeous is this?

Photo Credit: denisenko_tattoo


9. Absolutely stunning!

Photo Credit: bexhope


10. Hedgehogs really are the cutest!

Photo Credit: bodyartbymel


11. There’s a bit of childhood you can never lose.

Photo Credit: SwollenGoat68


12. A helpful little reminder…

Photo Credit: beautiful-nightmares12


13. You are stronger than you think!

Photo Credit: Lauren S.


14. A compass that might help you if you’re ever a little lost.

Photo Credit: mighele


15. Simple, but gorgeous.

Photo Credit: soltattoo


16. Who said sleeve tattoos are too much?

interesting scar tattoos
Photo Credit: romanordtattoo


17. Swirls and flowers, what can be prettier?

interesting scar tattoos
Photo Credit: reddit.com


18. A dainty little reminder that you’re a survivor!

interesting scar tattoos
Photo Credit: hombroycodo

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