The Internet Can’t Tell This Mother And Daughter Apart, Can You?

People do all sort of things to try and not look old. I get it, you reach a point in your life where you want aging to stop even though it’s inevitable. You can do all the exercising and fitness, dieting, people sometimes even go under the knife to prevent it. At the end of the day whatever makes you feel better and whatever you are comfortable with go for it (unless you don’t put your life in danger, of course.)

There are people that don’t age quickly, they don’t show the signs fast and they are lucky that’s for sure.

A Twitter user named Krissy Nicole took her account to post a couple of pictures of her and her mother. She shared them captioning the tweet to thank her mother for everything she has done. But the twist is… the internet can’t tell them apart.

They don’t know who is the mother and who is the daughter.

Check the pictures below. Can you tell?.

It looks more like the two are sisters than mother and daughter right? I had to look twice to try and tell them apart.

People on the internet have a lot of comments, here are some below.

Some comment how they both look the same age.

I agree, their hair looks flawless.

Some don’t even think they’re siblings or related, just friends.

Another tweeted that they look like siblings.

A Twitter user is genuinely shocked.

I know right, who is it???

Some don’t care who the mom is, the most important thing is they both look really good.

Another user can’t believe that’s her mom either.

What matters is that both the mother and daughter look gorgeous. Can you still not tell them apart? I am a little bit confused as well.

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Source: Wetpaintlife