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This New Internet Trend Will Make Your New Year Start PERFECTLY

The internet never ceases to amaze me, and it never stops to innovate. Admittedly, it is mostly concerned with innovating some pretty silly, useless trends. Like Twitter’s latest fad of timing songs for the exact moment New Year arrives. Gee, thanks, I guess? I’ll be sure to start the New Year with some random word from a random song.

But putting my grumpiness aside (for a moment, just for a moment), some of these make passably good puns. And apparently everyone hated 2017, so they’re skipping Christmas and thinking about New Year instead. Like, 2017 was cool, man. 2017 never did anything to me. Lay off 2017! It’s not 2017’s fault – it’s yours!

Yup, that moment passed and I’m back to grumpy mode. My grumpy batteries humming, I’m just here to share with you some of the funnies examples of the timing songs for New Year trend (thanks, Diply).

1. It’s all about following simple instructions…


Twitter | @jonnysun

2. BUT, if you mess up just one second, it’s irreversible!


Twitter | @pizzarubenYouTube | Cristian Ocholo

3. Like, you’ll miss this grunt! Oh no what shall we dooo!


Twitter | @CaseyBriggsYouTube

4. Luckily, most songs repeat their choruses fairly often.



5. It works with movies too! Just make sure it’s not Arnold’s “I’ll be back” in the Terminator


FacebookYouTube | Brandows Animations

6. The yelling in this song is finally put to good use.


Twitter | @tmcrippleYouTube | EvanescenceVEVO

7. Hey there, “Hey now.”


Twitter | @holographil

8. Basically, this is another grumpy person. High-five!

Twitter | @Chrish_the_fish
Source: Diply