12+ Pictures Of Irish Wolfhounds Showing How Huge And Adorable They Are

All dogs are special! They are just some of the best companions a human being could have. Playful, fun, loyal, and our bestest friends!

While you might have gotten to spend time with many dog breeds, maybe you might not have gotten the opportunity to meet an Irish wolfhound. If you haven’t, let us tell you, they are super adorable and lovely, and well… huge! This breed used to aid in wolf hunting, and therefore the name.

An Irish wolfhound is the tallest dog among all the dog breeds. If an Irish wolfhound would stand on its hind legs, it may reach the height of 7-feet-tall, according to reports. Adult Irish wolfhounds might stand about 34 to 35 inches tall at the shoulders.

Oh, and did you know that the wife of President Herbert Hoover was given an Irish wolfhound named Cragwood Padraic when he moved into the White House? And President John F. Kennedy had an Irish wolfhound as well.

Scroll below to see a few pictures of these cuties!

1. Hi there!

Irish wolfhounds
Reddit | arkutec

2. Let’s play.

Irish wolfhounds
Reddit | PointsBeforeKarma

3. Who says no to hugs? I wouldn’t.

Reddit | littlemonky

4. Little puppy Irish wolfhound. Adorbs.

Reddit | justawalkingtaco

5. Tall and a loyal companion.


6. “Wolfhound with two subwoofers,” the picture is captioned.

Reddit | Herculaya

7. Nap time has never been better!

Reddit | laceyloumo3

8. And babies seem to love them!

Reddit | kitkatscuba

9. 18 months old with a weight of 200 pounds.

Reddit | Woodner

10. Nap time again!!

Reddit | kakianyz

11. The dog on the left is a mastiff, so there’s a considerable difference in size.

Reddit | Dolley89

12. Although domesticated, a trip to the dog park can reveal their wild side, which is also their derpy side.

Reddit | scruffymcgruffins

13. Bigger than a banana, if human beings weren’t enough for scale. Heh.

Reddit | FistbumpFromDestiny

14. Totes adorbs.

Reddit | treeofstrings

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Source: Diply