Ivanka Trump Started Followed Rihanna On Twitter And The Singer’s Fans Are Not Pleased

Thirty-six-year-old Ivanka Trump is facing criticism once again. The US President’s daughter might not share all of her father’s worldviews but she still often receives a ton of criticism about a lot of things. To mention just a few, she was recently called a hypocrite for praising US workers as being “the best”, in a society that relies heavily on cheap foreign labor to sustain its economy.

Moreover, the entrepreneur talked about the female empowerment in India, while employing factories that violated worker’s human rights. However, the latest wave of criticism might have just been a little overboard, as the 36-year-old Trump heiress enraged Rihanna’s fans are when she started following the Barbadian singer on Twitter.

Racism might be the real reason why Rihanna’s fans are so upset that Donald Trump’s daughter started following their favorite on Twitter

Rihanna’s been pretty open about her dislike of the current President and his policies. In January 2017, when Trump implemented the unconstitutional travel ban, Rihanna expressed her feelings of disgust on Twitter.

Then, the 29-year-old singer criticised how Trump handled the crisis in Puerto Rico

That’s why so many people are wondering why Ivanka would choose to follow Rihanna

Some are even eagerly waiting to see how Rihanna is going to react to her new follower

Many of them hope to see something like this happening:

Or this:

Do you think the singer will react in any way?

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

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Source: distractify