Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks Out Against Fiji Water’s ‘Blatant Promotion’ At The Golden Globes

Seems like Jamie Lee Curtis is not happy with the Fiji Water Girl stealing the show at the Golden Globes.

The actress is one of the many celebs photobombed by the Fiji model, a.k.a. Fiji Water Girl, and now she is taking to social media to slam the company’s ‘blatant promotion’ at the 2019 Golden Globes.

The Halloween star was not pleased when her husband, who “doesn’t look at a lot of show business news sites,” found her picture on a CNN news story, with the Fiji water model behind her at the Globes red carpet. In a heated post on Instagram, the actress wrote:

I knew why there was a photographer poised there and I moved away as I said out loud that I didn’t want to be doing advertising for either.

jamie lee curtis fiji water pr stunt
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But even though she moved out of the way, the 60-year old actress was still photobombed by the Fiji Water Girl, adding:

Clearly this angle shows that I moved from her being behind me and yet from the side it still happens.


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Curtis went on saying that in order to avoid enraging celebrities, next time “the sponsors need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products.”

Many celebrities like Richard Madden, Idris Elba, and Amy Adams, were photographed with the Fiji model in the background, yet, Curtis is the only one to speak out against the company for their PR stunt.

People were attacking the actress in the comments for complaining about such a ‘trivial’ thing, but there were also comments supporting her statement that celebrities should have a say when it comes to the products they’re being associated with.


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