What Japan Did To These Whales Will Break Your Heart

The world is once again very angry towards Japan due to a report that Japanese fishing vessels murdered a bunch of pregnant whales in Antarctica. What the Japanese crew called a ‘scientific‘ project ‘NEWREP-A‘, The Humane Society International reports that 122 female whales have been slaughtered in this year alone.

Additionally, a further 59 females and 152 males were killed. Why, Japan, why?

Credit: Customs and Border Protection Service, Commonwealth of Australia

In a statement, the Program Manager of the Humane Society International, Alexia Wellbelove, said:

The killing of 122 pregnant whales is a shocking statistic and sad indictment on the cruelty of Japan’s whale hunt.

It is a further demonstration, if needed, of the truly gruesome and unnecessary nature of whaling operations, especially when non-lethal surveys have been shown to be sufficient for scientific needs.

What is baffling, is that even though the International Court of Justice, considered the highest court on the plant ruled in 2014 that these ‘scientific hunts‘ are illegal and must stop, the Japenese crews are still carrying out these hunts.

Japan has classified the latest killings as ‘biological sampling‘ which hopes to find out ‘the structure and dynamics of the Antarctic marine ecosystem’. Yeah, right, Japan.

According to the Daily Mail, when crews find a whale to kill, they use a harpoon that has a small grenade attached to it.

Credit: Swift, modified by Grolltech/Creative Commons

This way it assures that the big mama whales die as the explosive either does massive brain damage that causes death or simply knocks them out long enough to be dragged onto the fishing.

My heart was just shattered.

Ms. Wellbelove from the Humane Society International further explained:

Whales are already facing substantial threats including bycatch in fisheries and marine pollution. Significant conservation efforts are underway worldwide to address these issues, so the least Japan could do is put away the harpoons.

The continued killing of any whales is abhorrent to modern society, but these new figures make it even more shocking.

She added:

We look forward to Australia and other pro-conservation countries sending the strongest possible message to Japan that it should stop its lethal whaling programs.



Source: ladbible