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Jason Momoa Photobombed A Couple’s Wedding Pictures While Carrying A Trident

Jason Momoa Photobombed A Couple’s Wedding Pictures While Carrying A Trident

Imagine you’re having your wedding photo shoot in Hawaii when some random dude decides to photobomb you with a trident. Now that already sounds like a cool story as it is, but it’s about to become even cooler once you hear that the random dude who decided to photobomb them with a trident is none other than Jason Momoa.

Yes, Aquaman himself.

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Now, you may be wondering in what turn of events does Momoa show up on a random beach while carrying a trident? Well, before you assume that he is so into his Aquaman character that he carries one everywhere, according to TMZ, he was actually given the (toy) trident by a group of kids who met him on the Hawaiian beach this Thursday.

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So, seeing that the 39-year-old actor is known for trolling couples when he saw that there was a couple trying to take their wedding pictures, he apparently decided that this was too good of a chance to pass up on.

Now, this is a story they’re probably going to tell for years and years to come.

jason momoa photobombed wedding pictures

Afterwards, the Game of Thrones star also posed for pictures with fans. And if you’re wondering if he actually knows how to use a trident, well of course he does. 

jason momoa photobombed wedding pictures

Momoa is famous for hilariously trolling couples when they come to ask for pictures with him, pretending to “steal” the girlfriends while the boyfriend looks on in dismay and gloom.

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Further proving just how awesome Jason Momoa is, in the Aquaman premiere earlier this month, he literally led a Haka dance on the red carpet, which is a traditional Māori war dance. Even more awesomely, his children, son Nakoa-Wolf, 9, and daughter, Lola, 11 whom he shares with his wife Lisa Bonet, also participated.


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