Stephanie Shepherd And J Brand Jeans Had Their First Great Collaboration

Chances are that you are already familiar with the name Steph Shep? If you are one of those 112 million followers of Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram account, then your chances of knowing this girl definitely increase.

Her full name is Stephanie Shepherd, and she is Kardashian’s former assistant and constant companion. When they stopped collaborating last year, a pretty good number of those followers, including the ones that follow Sheph (1m), were questioning themselves what was next in the store for her. Aaaand the answer is…waits 180 seconds before spitting out the answer, like in Big Brother Show… waits 60 more seconds just because…and finally:

Stephanie Shepherd And J Brand Jeans

J Brand is the brand Shepherd just recently has teamed up with. This is a collaboration made possible, most largely, because of Instagram. Sheph said:

“We connected on Instagram. I’ve always been a fan of J Brand and always worn them, so maybe I was on their radar that way. They reached out and started the conversation. They said, ‘We think you’d be perfect to rework this little black jean.’ And that’s all I ever wear.”

Shepherd shared her personal story of how she has always been obsessed with J Brand Jeans, and that started in her early years of life. She recalls:

“Coming from Ohio, I knew very little about fashion. I’m literally from the middle of nowhere. I remember seeing all of the celebrities. I think it was the low-rise phase when I first moved to L.A.; everyone in the weeklies was wearing J Brand. I had just moved to L.A. I was 19 and didn’t have two pennies to rub together. I remember saving my money and thinking, I’m going to get a pair of J Brand jeans. I finally saved to buy this pair of dark blue denim, and I wore them until they almost had holes in them.”

A dream came true for her. Who said dreams (including the ones for which the people around you call you crazy) can come true! She now designes her J Brand pieces to be in perfect harmony with her imagining of her looks everyday. She continues:

“If you saw my closet and the amount of jeans I have, it’s a little nuts,” she said. “I just did a major spring cleaning and I really purged. I mean, 20, 40, 50. Is 50 a lot? Maybe 50 pairs. I don’t think that’s a lot?”

No, bo, babe don’t worry! 50 is just fivefold (or more but meh) of the pairs I own.

Stephanie Shepherd And J Brand Jeans

Stephanie Shepard wears the J Brand x Steph Shep Little Black Jean. Photo courtesy of J Brand.

The outcome of Shepherd’s addictive research is an ultra skinny black jeans with a lace-up front detail, done in the brand’s soft Photo Ready denim. She says:

“I added the lace-up on the front because that is kind of my insecure area. It gives you some extra support, and it makes it a little bit cooler and a little bit different. I think the skinny leg is classic. Sometimes it is hard for short girls to pull off a really wide leg. I’m not the tallest. I was thinking of something that could look good on anyone. I didn’t want to do anything too trendy. The simple black jean is something that you’ll have forever, no matter what trend is happening. They look good on everyone.”

Stephanie Shepherd And J Brand Jeans

Stephanie Shepard wears the J Brand x Steph Shep Little Black Jean. Photo courtesy of J Brand.

She is still going to surprise us though. In addition to the new collaboration we mentioned above, she has other projects ongoing too. She said that she is working on a number of still under wraps projects.

“I’ve got a lot of things that I can’t talk about that are in the works. I’m laying the foundation for my own brand, which is why I was so excited about this collaboration because I feel like it is such a great fit. I’m really looking to work with brands that I love and are true to me, and that I’m not just picking out of the sky.”

Source: Wmagazine