Jeffree Star Reveals $2.5 Million Worth Of His Cosmetics Line Has Been Stolen

Makeup mogul, Jeffree Star, revealed that $2.5 million worth of makeup has been stolen from his company’s warehouse, and according to the YouTube video the 33-year-old shared on Wednesday, the stolen stock also included unreleased products.


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Prior to the announcement, Jeffree posted a tweet on Monday in which he said he was spending his night  “with the FBI tracking down black market makeup sellers”.

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jeffree star stolen products
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In the clip, the 33-year-old revealed that the theft happened in the early hours of 16 March, adding that it was carried out by a team of “professionals.”

At around 1 am [on March 16], one of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken into and more than $2.5 million of product was stolen from me.

Among the stolen products which apparently include 5000 Platinum Ice highlighter palettes, a number of Northern Lights highlighter palettes, and lipliners, there is also an entire shade of yet unreleased Magic Star concealer.

jeffree star stolen products
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Last summer, the beauty mogul revealed in his YouTube series with Shane Dawson that his cosmetics line is stored in different warehouses in the same facility.

I am so horrified that someone knew [that particular warehouse] wasn’t secure enough yet, and they hit us really hard. They came in through the roof. It was a very professional job — it was a team of people.

When you watch footage of this stuff, it’s so gut-wrenching to see people just take your shit and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long.

Jeffree revealed in the clip that he has been working with local authorities as well as FBI to find the thieves, who according to him will sell the stolen products in the black market.

jeffree star stolen products
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Images of stolen products are already circulating in websites like Facebook Marketplace where people are trying to sell them “early.”

We’ve tracked down some of the product, but there are still so many units floating out there. So if you guys see this packaging or C5 before the launch, just know that it is stolen. It is illegal goods and I would love to try and get more of it back.

The makeup artist is now planning to launch the concealer and new setting powders, earlier than actually planned.

A few hours after posting the video, Jeffree took to Twitter to thank the authorities who are helping him investigate his “concealer heist,” and informed that a person has already been arrested for selling his stolen products.

Source: Jeffree Star

Source: Jeffree Star

Hopefully, the goods will return to the rightful owner without further problems.


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