Jelly Nails Is The New Summer Trend People Are Going For

Beauty trends nowadays come really out of nowhere. And people are trying hard to come up with unique, mindblowing trends. By now, I’ve seen so many crazy nail design ideas that nothing is truly unexpected. I’ve seen teeth nails, pierced ears nails, hairy nails… I think it’s safe to say that the creativity of people has peaked this year.

However, I never thought about JELLY nails. After all the bizarre designs I’ve seen this year, I like this the most because it is something I can actually pull off.

If this design hasn’t arrived at your local beauty salon, then worry not. You can totally DIY this style. All you need is a set of translucent nail tips and your favorite nail polish.

It’s a quite versatile look, as you can paint your nails with the same nail polish, or vary the shades.

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These light yellow nails are the ultimate summertime necessity. Their stiletto shape accentuates the translucent look.

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There are all kinds of shades that look fantastic on these. Vibrant pink, yellow, and blue shades will have your nails popping!

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Of course, as with every other fashion trend, not all people are on board with this. The main thing people don’t like about this design is that your real nail is visible underneath the tips. But in my personal opinion, the slightly seethrough look is what makes these nails unique.

People are debating where this trend came from. Some suggest that it was brought by Kylie Jenner after she and her friends took to Instagram to post a picture of their freshly done nails. Two of them had beautiful shades of purple, while the third one had clear pink neon nails with a Nike sign painted on her pinkie.

However, other people disagree saying that the trend is the 90s vibe where most kids grew up with a pair of shoes that had a translucent design.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: jelly nails are a thing now. And I am here for it.

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