Jennifer Aniston’s New Netflix Movie Encourages Body-Positivity, And The Trailer Just Got Released

The year clock has almost stricken December and the holiday feels are all over the place. Although I haven’t yet seen anyone putting out the Christmas lights, I have seen shops overfill with the holiday decorations. And, apart from that, we’re all so excited for the holiday warmth, the process of turning the Christmas lights on, and the much awaited Christmas tree! Without leaving aside the whole holiday aesthetics, there is one more thing that absolutely complements the feel. And that is the world of movies. If there’s a feeling I rejoice, it’s probably the feeling of sitting down, watching a new movie, and being surrounded by warmth and comfort.

Jennifer Aniston’s first Netflix project, Dumplin’, is what we’ve been waiting for, ever since we found out about it. More specifically, Netflix just released the first trailer for the musical comedy movie and we can’t wait until we get to watch the whole thing, because honestly, it seems amazing.

Jennifer Aniston's Netflix movie
YouTube / Netflix

As to what Dumplin’ is about, well it’s about the story of a plus-size girl named Willowdean Dickson, played by Danielle Macdonald. She is the daughter of a former beauty queen, Jennifer Aniston, who is now a celebrity in the pageant circuit of the town they live in.

However, Willowdean is quite tired with the beauty standards that come through all the beauty pageant in her town that she decides to enter the next competition. Dumplin’, as her mother calls Willowdean, enters the competition with the help of her best friend, Ellen, played by Odeya Rush, and a band of drag queens, that is led by RuPaul’s Drag Race vet Ginger Minj.

“It’s a protest. We’re trying to make a point,” we hear Willowdean answer when her mom asks her why she’s going through this whole thing.

Jennifer Aniston's Netflix movie
YouTube / Netflix

It’s important to note that the movie is based in the 2015 best-selling novel by Julie Murphy, with the same name, and we’re expecting for the musical comedy movie to do the book justice. Dumplin’ will be hitting Netflix streaming on the 7th of December.

The just-released trailer:

YouTube / Netflix

What’s best about the movie as that it encourages body-positivity! While watching the trailer, we don’t hear Willowdean express hatred towards her body, and she also doesn’t feel the need to lose weight before entering the competition. That’s why we’re so excited to see what this movie has to offer, and we can’t wait until it is released.

And for all those Dolly Parton fans out there, Dumplin has new original music from the country singer.


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