Jennifer Lopez Shares Incredible Abs Picture Just Four Days Into Her ’10 Days Challenge’

Is this her secret to staying young? Because I want in on that challenge.

Jennifer Lopez is halfway through her no-sugar, no-carb 10-day-challenge, and posted on Instagram sharing with her followers she’s feeling “a lil better.” It’s the fourth day of her challenge and you can already see her sculpted set of abs. The Latin singer who turns 50 this year, is doing this challenge with her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.


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The 49-year old singer and actress is known for her fit and toned body, works really hard to keep it that way, and is 100 percent committed to a healthy lifestyle. If you are only a bit familiar with the singer’s lifestyle, you already know how serious she is about eating healthy, sticking to organic food, and probably works harder than most fitness trainers I’ve seen.

And now, JLo and ARod are taking it to the next level with their #10daychallenge. For the next ten days, they’re going without carbs, quinoa, rice — basically nothing else except protein, veggies, and healthy oils.

The couple are sharing the progress with their fans, and so far, it’s going pretty well.


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In the video above, JLo and her beau are challenging you to follow suit and do the #10daychallenge too. It’s not going to be easy, to be honest. The singer herself revealed for her followers that going without carbs for 10 days is actually “harder than I thought.”

So it turns out when you don’t have sugar and you don’t have carbs you’re really, really hungry all the time.

That’s me. Except that I eat carbs and sugar. All the time.

But not JLo and ARod as they’re pushing themselves to the limit with this one challenge. The couple are instead looking to “figure out a lot of snacks” to help them go through these 10 days.

jennifer lopez 10 day chalenge
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The ‘snacks’ she mentioned include sugar-free Jello, tuna poke and raw veggies. Yeah, thanks but no.

But hey, I give them props for doing this. After all, it’s not easy being JLo.


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