Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Jet Off For A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez know how to have fun!

The couple took a private plane and jetted off for a private romantic getaway – as you do – and used their social media to document the trip. While simultaneously filling us all with envy…

The 49-year-old actress shared an Instagram picture on Friday which showed her posing in a green bikini, while Rodriguez takes the selfie. The two are standing in front of what looks to be an amazing sunset.

Lopez also shared a picture in honor of International Women’s Day, writing: “Happy #NationalWomensDay to all my queens out there. Today and every day.”

She’d paired off her green bikini with a pair of red and green sunglasses and chunky gold hoop earrings.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez also shared a few pictures of his own, including one which showed the love birds sitting on a deck, dressed comfortably in sweatsuits. “Enjoying a little R&R with my ❤️,” he said. ‘What’s your happy place? On the beach? Or in the snow?”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The couple have been together for two years now, since February 2017.  The former Major League Baseball player shared a sweet sentiment to social media for their two year anniversary.

“Macha 13, I can’t believe it’s been two years,” he began. “Only 730 days, which have flown by, but it feels like we have been together forever. We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words.” (Read more about that here.)

They’ve joined their families together and even moved in on their new $6.6 million home in Malibu, which they enlisted the help of HGTV’s Fixer Upper star, Joanna Gaines, to renovate.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The couple frequently take to social media to share moments from their life. Things like posing alongside their kids, inspiring people to get into their healthy lifestyles, and even sharing videos of each other dancing on a pole.

Lopez is currently working on her new movie project, The Hustlers at Scores, which follows a group of strippers who hustle and rip off their rich clients, hence, the pole dancing.


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