Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Are Ten Years Old And Her Daughter Looks Just Like Her

Whether you like her for the singing skills, acting, dancing, producing or because of her flawless figure, the singer of the hit “Ain’t your mamma” is a mother of two, and yes she’s doing great in parenting as well. How does she manage to balance all that career and personal life? Well, we don’t know, but the star is raising two beautiful children whom just this year entered into their double-digits.

It was ten years ago when Jennifer Lopez, now 49, welcomed her twins into the world. The flawless singer and actor, married Mark Anthony in 2004 and three years later she was pregnant with their first child, or shall we say, children.

As things didn’t work out as expected, It was when the twins turned three after seven years of marriage when she and Marc decided to divorce in July 2011. It was right after the divorce when JLo started to retain the custody of the twins.

Jennifer Lopez's twins are 10 years old

While this year, her children Maximilian “Max” David and Emme Maribel whom she dubs “coconuts”, celebrated a decade since they were born. Jennifer Lopez makes sure to always credit them for changing her life forever and says she is so lucky to have them.

Jennifer Lopez's twins are 10 years old

jlo via Instagram

In this photo, we can’t help but think that Emme looks more like her mother JLo, whereas Max looks more like his dad Mark Anthony.  Anyways, they both look beautiful and adorable together!

But little Emme resembles JLo not only in looks, she also seems to follow her mother’s career steps, since Lopez recently posted a video of her singing. It doesn’t end just like that though, the 10-years-old seems to like writing as well. Lopez recently shared some photos together with Emme when they were getting a deal for Emme’s first book named: “Lord Help Me”!


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