Jessica Biel’s Pre-Emmys Pistol Squats Are No Joke

The 36-year-old actress Jessica Biel is married to Justin Timberlake since 2012. The couple has a 3-year-old son together, named Silas Randall Timberlake. On a recent video, the actress who is nominated for playing Cora in The Sinner shared a clip of her workout routine:

Jessica Biel

On her pre-awards show workout routine, Jessica tackled some raised, weighted pistol squats as she is getting her butt into gear for the 2019 Emmys. Although Pistol squats are a great way to tone your legs and glutes, it can take time to build up the strength necessary to complete them.

Jessica’s trainer Ben Bruno’s supported Jessica, posting a video of her. He calls her variation “seriously, seriously impressive, writing :

These single leg squats from @jessicabiel are seriously, seriously impressive. So is her dancing. She’s up for an Emmy on Monday and has been training really hard. I’m very excited for her and just hope she’s not so sore that she can’t sit down for the show.


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And as soon as Jessica completes the challenging workout she ends her rep with a well-deserved dance break.

Whereas here is the video that Biel posted on her Instagram account:

Jessica Biel wrote: “Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you. (Assuming I can walk after these pistol squats) 😬”


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And many fans supported her with the comments: “Big fan … keep working hard …”

Another one commented: “this is how she gets her booty! It’s happening! .. The third one commented: great workout!💪💪💪👍👍”

Well, these videos make one sore only to watch them but if this is the secret behind Jessica’s perfect body, why not, I’m gonna try this workout someday!


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Source: Popsugar