Jill Duggar Seems To Be The Rebel Girl In The Family

TLC’s reality tv show 19 Kids and Counting saw Baptists parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle (Ruark) Duggar deal with their life with 11 boys and nine girls. The show aired for seven years until it was canceled in 2015. Jill Michelle Dillard is an American television personality, who is the second daughter born to Jim and Michelle and the fourth of 19 children. Although the parents have brought up the children under strict rules and all of them are homeschooled, Jill turned out to be a real rebel.

Not only did this Duggar daughter recently raise eyebrows with a new facial piercing, but now she has gotten a tattoo!


The 26-year-old actress married  Derick Dillard in 2014.


Jill seems to be getting wilder by the minute. At least this is what her parents are saying.

The 26-year-old is probably more likely to be the black sheep of the family. Though parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for imparting their strict religious rules and ultra-conservative values on their children, she does not seem to agree. Jill has been making some controversial decisions these days.


Recently, she sparked controversy after revealing a large floral tattoo that’s sure to give her parents a shock.

In a photo shared on her Instagram last week, she rocked some serious ink on her left hand as she gave 4-month-old son Samuel a bath.

Here is the caption: “#bathtime for Sam was on my to do list today! lol Anyone else write little things down (yes, even after you’ve already done them! Ha!) so you can cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment?! #lovemyboys #towelbaby.”

Jill also included “#henna” in the captions, so it’s likely the body art isn’t permanent. However, her followers freaked out about this shocking addition to her hand!

“What is up with the henna?” asked in the comments.


The henna tattoo came days after Jill showed off her new facial piercing. She shared a selfie of her with a small nose ring on Instagram.

The Counting On star was also spotted wearing jeans, which is out of the question for her mother. The parents prefer their daughters to wear long skirts and dresses due to their fundamentalist Christian values. However, Jill decided to wear jeans when out with her husband.

Though many have been supportive of Jill’s new look, some started criticising her.

“I have allowed her to influence my kids with her high standards and I see them slipping away,” @saintblonde commented on Instagram. “I’m hundred percent confident that if you asked her parents their opinion of the husband’s long hair her nose ring her henna tattoo they would tell you they don’t agree with that either.”


In the end, Jill isn’t the only person in the family to be breaking traditions. Jinger Duggar is breaking them, too. After tying the knot with Jeremy Vuolo, the 23-year-old became the first Duggar daughter to live in another state after moving from Arkansas. She also didn’t have kids within the first year of marriage, which is something that the parents want for their daughters.

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