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Jojoba Oil And 10+ Incredible Uses Everyone Should Know About

Jojoba Oil And 10+ Incredible Uses Everyone Should Know About

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) plant, a perennial plant that grows in southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. It is odorless, bright, golden, non-sticky, and has a long shelf life. Its richness in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins E and B-complex, zinc, copper, chromium, selenium, and iodine, makes jojoba oil rich in healing properties as well. That’s why in folk medicine it was used for treating different types of ailments, sours, and wounds.

You can use this liquid wax can be used on its own, but also as a carrier oil to mix with other essential oils. Due to the moisturizing and emollient properties the jojoba oil has shown, many people nowadays include it as part of their skincare or hair care routine.

According to Style Craze, jojoba oil is very similar to sebum, the natural oil that lubricates your skin and hair. It has even antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and non-toxic effects.

Now that you have a brief idea of the properties of jojoba oil, let’s go through some important things you have to know about jojoba oil.

Jojoba Oil
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Jojoba Oil Uses

Mosquito repellant

Based on an early study, applying jojoba oil or any product containing jojoba oil, to the skin, might be effective as a mosquito repellant, with effects lasting for at least 3 hours after application.

Treats acne

Due to its soothing anti-inflammatory agents, jojoba oil it’s also great at keeping acne at bay. It clears the exposed areas and clogged pores and leaves no scar marks. It also reduces the pore size and controls oil secretion.

Treats psoriasis

Jojoba oil has also been effective to help with dryness, itching, or flaking symptoms on your skin due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Thus, skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and other drying skin conditions may find jojoba oil especially beneficial.

Soothes sunburn

Studies have shown that when vitamin E is combined with other antioxidants, it can help your skin from the sun and will soothe your sunburns. Because jojoba oil contains both, don’t forget to take it with you next time you go at the beach.

Jojoba Oil
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Boosts hair loss

Using jojoba oil on your hair is an excellent method to provide that extra boost. Our hair secretes sebum or oil to keep it moisturized. Many times, excess sebum is secreted by the gland, which blocks the hair follicles. This leads to hair fall and hair breakage. The rate of hair growth is also adversely affected because of the clogged follicles.

Jojoba oil prevents hair loss and thinning caused by the clogged hair follicles. It dissolves and clears these blockages and promotes the development of new hair cells, which leads to hair growth.

Moisturizes skin

If you have cracked or dry skin, jojoba oil is the perfect solution for you. Because our hands and feet don’t contain sebum glands, jojoba oil will substitute it and give your skin the moisture it needs. And, if you think your face needs a boost as well, give it a try.

Removes makeup

Time to remove your stubborn makeup? Use jojoba oil. This super-oil has good cleansing properties, therefore, you can use it as a makeup remover and facial cleanser.

Reduces under-eye dark circles

Try jojoba oil as an alternative to reduce and remove under-eye dark circles. By mixing jojoba oil and chamomile essential oil and massaging the mixture under the eyes for 10-15 minutes will make you have an even skin tone.

Jojoba Oil
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Keeps your nails healthy

Even your dry cuticles and nails prone to breakage will benefit from this super-oil by simply rubbing some jojoba oil on your dry and brittle cuticles every day after your bath. You will have moisturized cuticles, less breakage, and longer and stronger nails.

Softens chapped lips

If you want feather-soft lips apply jojoba oil instead of your regular petroleum jelly on your lips. Its waxy structure will help replenish the lost moisture from the lips. It also locks in the moisture for long hours, making your lips supple.

It helps control sebum production

Being too similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally, this oil regulates sebum production by sending signals to your hair and sweat follicles that your skin doesn’t need additional sebum for hydration.


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