12+ Jokes You’ll Understand If You Have Been Single For A While

You know what’s weird? That every time we are in a relationship, it seems that we just keep running into people who are single and happy. But then again, when we are single, we can’t help but notice how cute couples look hand in hand, facing the odd life together. Relationships are a whole lot of fun, and anyone who has ever been in a longterm relationship can vouch for me when I say that they are also a whole lot of hard work. At times, people are intimidated by the commitment and the dedication that a healthy relationship needs in order for it to flourish. They might even opt to stay single for a while just so that they don’t deal with such things.

What I have noticed in the past few years is that people’s definition of relationships has changed. People are out there requesting their partner’s undivided attention at all times, which can be draining and is definitely pointless. Even when you’re in a relationship, you’re still you. You are not your relationship and you need to keep doing things that you like as a person, even if that means your partner won’t join you.

Another thing that I have noticed is that people nowadays seem to be too eager to get into a relationship, considering the single life to be not that interesting. But single people know how to make fun of themselves and these memes are here to prove it.


1. The truth has been spoken.

Twitter: @tsumealphawolf


2. Something I’d do.

Twitter: @AimeeHelene1


3. How many of you have done this?

Twitter: @bobvulfov


4. Who can relate?



5. Even the echo is sassy.

Twitter: @RidiculousSheri


6. Lol, the sad truth.

Twitter: @MaryKoCo


7. What else is there to do?



8. It’s definitely because of the parallel parking.



9. [Screams internally]



10. It seems that our brain stops working.

Twitter: @chanelpuke


11. Okay, Dumbledora.


12. Keeping it safe.

Twitter: @Jennuflect


13. So much time…

Twitter: @SamGrittner


14. The introvert.



15. Take it to a whole new level.

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Which one did you think was the funniest and which one did you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments’ section.


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