The Best Reunion Of “Game Of Thrones” Has Finally Happened

The two final seasons of Game Of Thrones have seen a number of emotional reunions among some of our favorite characters, namely, the Starks.

The fan-favorite siblings, who were separated across all corners of Westeros throughout the show, finally started reuniting in season seven, raising goosebumps and breaking our hearts in a good way. Seeing the remaining Starks embracing after long years of hardships warmed all our hearts.

However, despite how much we love the Starks, I think we can all agree that who we love even more is their furry not-so-little friends: their direwolves, some of which also suffered grim, heartbreaking fates of their own. And we love every glimpse we get of them, and every reunion.


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Even though some are long gone, at least one is still around, though he hasn’t made many appearances lately. Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, has been with our favorite bastard heir to the Iron Throne for years, joining on his many adventures. Still, in season seven, Ghost wasn’t really seen much and his absence was direly felt.

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But in the second season of the epic fantasy show, Ghost finally made an appearance and safe to say, fans were overjoyed. We got a glimpse of the canine in the background of Jon and Sam talking about days long past.

And, according to GOT’s visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer, this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him this season. He told Huffington Post last year: “Ghost does show up, and he does some … he’s very present and does some pretty cool things in Season 8.”

That’s right, Ghost is the real star of this season and probably the one who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne. Scroll down to see some of the excited fans’ reactions to seeing the best character on this whole show.

So, which one was your favorite Game Of Thrones reunion?

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