Judges Think Tattooed Singer Is Pranking Them With Unreal Audition After Seeing Him

According to Matthew Garwood’s rocker style and tattooed body, people easily expect a heavy metal cover from him. But, when he actually started to sing, the entire The Voice: Australia audience was stunned.


Keep in mind that, in the show, judges can’t see the contestants but they have to listen and decide if they like what they’re hearing. You can tell by their reactions that they immediately appreciated Matthew’s talent even though they had no idea that his voice somehow didn’t match his appearance.


However, Matthew made sure he nailed his cover of Phantom of The Opera song “All I Ask Of You.” But, there was still a dilemma since there was only one spot left in the competition and judge Ricky Martin had to make an important decision.

Anyways, it took him only a couple of minutes of Matthew’s amazing singing to know that he was the “voice” he was looking for.


Once he finished, the remaining judges turned around and their reactions seeing him for the first time were priceless.


Voice Australia judge Joel Madden said, “Tattoos aren’t a big deal to us, cause we see them all the time … but like I’m like amazed at what I turned around and saw.”

Will I Am also joked that someone else was singing and Matthew took that person’s place when the song was over.

Leaving the jokes aside, this audition is a clear lesson that we shouldn’t judge people according to their appearance.

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Source: The Voice Australia
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