Justin Bieber Says Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Is His New “Favorite Song”

You can’t deny that Ariana Grande has had a pretty rough time lately, and Justin Bieber (if the public crying is any indication) may be going through some of his own issues, but apparently, the two both agree in one thing. Ariana Grande’s new song, Thank U, Next, is a smash.



The Sorry singer, who is managed by Scooter Braun just as Ariana is, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on his friend’s new single this Thursday. “Thank you next is a bop,” he wrote. “My favorite song. Least this song is smash. Fire.”

And fans of the two seemed to agree. They replied to the Canadian-born singer’s tweets with their own words of praise:

They expressed their joy at seeing the two supporting each other:

And even took the chance to ask for a collaboration between the two:

Other than that, they also saw the opportunity to add on to the number of memes Ariana’s new hit has inspired, this time with Bieber himself as the subject:

Other than a number of, frankly hilarious, memes, Thank U, Next has also already broken several records, including Spotify’s single-day streaming record for a female artist which Taylor Swift used to hold with Look What You Made Me Do.

The song is a self-empowering anthem, where she references several of her past boyfriends by name and what they “taught” her before she comes to the conclusion that she is now focusing in the most important relationship she can have: the one with herself.

She has also just released new hit album Sweetener and been named Billboard’s 2018 Woman of the Year. I think Ariana’s luck may be turning, and, well, doesn’t she deserve it.

Keep being awesome Ari!