Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian A Christmas Gift Worth More Than $200,000 In Stock

Most of us get toys, Forever 21 gift cards, or warm fuzzy socks for Christmas, but how many of us can say that they got company stock as a present? I would dare to say not many. Well, Kim Kardashian West is definitely one lucky wife, whose Christmas gift from her husband consisted of stock certificates from major U.S. corporations like Netflix, Disney, Adidas, Apple, and Amazon.

We have to say not bad Kanye, not bad at all.

This article first appeared on Ladbible. 


Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

It would be safe to say this is not your traditional Christmas present. As one would expect, the 37-year-old socialite opened the present on Instagram story, telling her followers “Okay, so for one of my Christmas presents from Kanye he gives me this little box with a Disney Mickey toy, Apple headphones, Netflix, Amazon gift cards and Adidas socks.

“And I’m like, ‘That’s so sweet, thanks.’

“But then I open the next box and it is stock to Amazon, where he got the gift card, stock to Netflix, stock to Apple where he got the headphones, Adidas stock and Disney stock.”


Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

These are the stock certificates that the mother-of-two discovered when she opened her second present. The Walt Disney shares are worth approximately $100,000, according to the certificate. She also received around 995 of Adidas shares, worth around $169,000.

Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

In the video caption, the reality television star wrote, “best husband alert!” We have to agree the rapper gives some original presents for Christmas.

This might be a great investment since a number of the companies have performed strongly over the course of 2017. Kanye West wouldn’t be who he is if he wasn’t thinking ahead. Is he the best husband ever?

Source: Instagram; PEOPLE
Source: Ladbible