Kanye West Levels Up! Can’t Stop Smiling On “Celebrity Family Feud”

Celebrity Family Feud is amongst the most watched TV shows in the USA. Hosted by Steve Harvey, on Sunday, June 11, the guests of the show were Kanye West with his beautiful wife (as he himself presented her) Kim Kardashian, and his three other cousins who were part of team West. The other team, the Kardashian family headed by Kris Jenner, followed by Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Mary Jo Campell, Kim’s cousin Bussey, and Kim’s Best Friend Jonathan Cheban were the West competition.

The presentation of Steve towards his guest was unique and interesting at the same time. He only presented Kanye West(Yeezy), and Kris Jenner who he called the “Matriarch” of the family who manages the careers of all six of her children. Mary Jo, the mother of Kris Jenner, was part of TV “accidentally” actually! Steve met her on the backstage, and after Mary told him that he is her favorite and expressed lots of gratitude towards. Well, Mary Jo all the “emotional expression” was worthy since you were part of the show.

Take a look at the video and see as Steve presents his special guest Kanye West(Yeezy) :

Everyone who knows Kanye West knows that Yeezy doesn’t usually smile in front of the cameras. But, apparently that night something happened to him. Even though his team lost, he was laughing all the time leaving people shocked and how Twitter is all about “Kanye’s smiley face.” The two teams competed for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angelos. The Kardashian’s won the game, but Kim and Kanye played ‘Fast Money’ and won $25,000.

kanye west

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West appear on ‘Celebrity Family Feud.’ Byron Cohen/ABC

Another thing that ‘hit’ the show, was the answer of Kendall Jenner when asked: ‘If you had a wild party and everyone is naked, name someone you’d hate to see show up?’ Kendall without stuttering at all answered ”Donald Trump”.  West, who in the past couple of months has openly shown his support towards President Trump, didn’t give any reaction towards Kendall’s answer.

Twitter got crazy by all reactions towards Kanye West’s smiley face. Kim Kardashian tweet was a shock!


“I have never seen Kanye West smile as much as he has on this episode of Family Feud.”

Another tweet from his fan was: “Guys Kanye West has the cutest smile.”

Source: Usmagazine

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