Kim Kardashian Offers A First Look At Her Daughter Chicago

If you’ve been keeping up with our diligent reporting on every new rumor and every new fact regarding the Kardashian-Jenner clan, all of which lately seem to be centered around babies, then you probably know that Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West welcomed their third child via a surrogate on the 15th of January. Naturally, the rabid dedicated fans of the reality TV family just couldn’t wait until they were allowed a glimpse of the little tyke. So, understandably, they got quite angry when instead for uploading baby pics, Kim used her social media to promote some nutritional products and to try and break the world (again) with some more topless photos of herself. Even British journalist and TV host Piers Morgan was forced to say a few negative words about the “attention-seeking ways of the 37-year-old mother-of-three”, and you know how hard it is for him to criticize people…

Anyway, the loyal followers of the life and times of the Kardashians will be thrilled to know that Kim has now offered the world a first look at the baby girl. It was quite an understated revelation actually, as it was just a small part of a much bigger picture. The few seconds of footage that show baby Chicago were part of Kylie Jenner’s tribute video to her own daughter who was born on the 1st of February.

Also if you’ve been following our Kardashian-Jenner daily updates on their every move, you will remember that we spent about four months speculating whether or not Kylie was really pregnant or not. Our suffering and the anxiety induced by the not-knowing came to an end when the 20-year-old made her triumphant return to social media, announced that she and her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott had welcomed their first daughter and explained to her fans why she decided to keep them in the dark for so long. The reality star also shared a sweet 11-minute-long video on YouTube which documented her journey through the last nine months and included messages from her friends and family to her newborn daughter.

At the end of the emotional tribute, Kylie offered a quick glimpse at her precious bundle of joy (who will be called Stormi apparently…). But lil’ Stormi wasn’t the only baby featured in the montage because in one of the clips Kylie can be seen holding Kim’s daughter Chicago. You can see that right here:

Article first appeared on the DailyMail.

Mama Kim and tiny little Chicago


Aunty Kylie holding her niece for the very first time


Aww! Isn’t she adorable!


Kim, of course, didn’t miss the opportunity to impart on her younger sister some of the wisdom and knowledge that comes from giving birth. In a very eloquent manner, the mother-of-three took Kylie to “school” and tried to explain to her “what her vagina’s about to feel like”, “like for real”, but Kylie would have none of that: she refused to listen, saying, “I actually don’t wanna know”. Yup, class dismissed.


Kim also told Kylie that she and Kanye were going to call the new baby Chicago, and the mom-to-be was super excited about the name, gushing about how “cute” it was.


Also present were Kylie and Kim’s brother Rob and his 1-year-old daughter Dream.


Rob had Dream with his then-fiance model Blac Chyna, but the couple broke up a month after their daughter’s birth.


Another thing that Kylie’s video titled To Our Daughter revealed is that apparently, the rumors that she would have to be a single mother weren’t true.

Kylie and Travis looked all loved up and really excited about welcoming their first child into the world.


The founder of Kylie Cosmetics has been dating the rapper since April 2017.


They announced their romance mere weeks after Kylie had broken up with her previous rapper boyfriend Tyga.


Before dating Kylie, Tyga had a son with Blac Chyna, who after splitting up with the rapper had a daughter with Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s brother. No, this isn’t a Spanish telenovela. You can’t make this stuff up.


Tyga and Kylie were together for three years, but they parted ways because she felt she was “too young” for a serious relationship. And then a couple of months later, boom! She became pregnant.

Kylie showing off her baby bump


The video included footage of the pajama party baby shower

And to finish off, here’s a snap of newborn Stormi


Source: dailymail