According To The Internet Karlie Kloss Just Shaded Taylor Swift

Most of us are aware of the beef between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. They have a complicated history, ranging from stolen dancers to passive aggressive tweets. I mean for sure there is some bad blood there. In 2017 Katy released the song Swish Swish, which a lot of people see as a response to Taylor’s Bad Blood. And now the Internet believes that the supermodel Karlie Kloss is getting involved in the whole mess, as shared by Diply. 


Karlie Kloss used to be Taylor Swift’s right-hand woman. She was next in line for the throne of Swift’s supermodel squad, she was sitting next to the Look What You Made Me Do singer at events and they were almost inseparable. However, a recent video that the supermodel posted on her Instagram account fired up the Swifties.


Source: Instagram | @karliekloss

The two even appeared on the cover of Vogue together, looking absolutely stunning. Now that is some BFF goals.


Source: Vogue

Looks like the 28-year-old singer and the supermodel, who used to share a lot of photos together, are not BFF goals anymore. Their nights out have dwindled and so have their cozy Instagram pictures. A lot of fans have been wondering what happened between these two.


Source: Instagram | @karliekloss

Just recently, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel shared a video from the annual Love Advent series on her Instagram account. What surprised all the fans, was that she captioned the photo Swish, Swish which is the name of the ‘possibly Swift bashing’ Katy Perry song.


Source: Instagram | @karliekloss

So now fans are left wondering if the captioning of the video was intentional or just a coincidence. Some fans strongly felt the Swish Swish reference was to Katy Perry.

However, one fan commented, “I’m a Swiftie and I know ‘Swish Swish’ is a term used in basketball honestly I feel so sorry for Karlie, Karlie is being attacked so frequently it needs to stop. Y’all should know Taylor and Karlie are great friends.”

From: diply

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