Kate Upton Falls Off A Rock In The Middle Of Shooting With A Hilarious Reaction

It looks like it was a sloppy day for the model and actress Kate Upton, who fell off a rock while posing in Aruba for her 2018 Sports Illustrated shoot. Ouch! The 25-year-model is certainly familiar with shooting on location, but things got a bit out of control when she was swept off her feet by an unexpected wave. Additionally, she was topless. Luckily, the model laughed it off, but the crew members were all terrified. Although this happened in October, the Internet can’t forget about it.

Now, the SI organization posted a video on their official Instagram account with behind-the-scenes moments of her epic fall.

The model was posing topless on a rock in Aruba when a huge wave surprised her. The 25-year-old was being photographed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She wore nothing but a long tulle skirt and her bare hands covering her breasts. The model was completely unaware of what is going to happen moments later.

In a video posted on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram account, she said: “The next coming wave didn’t look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right. The skirt with all the tulle, whenever it’s wet is very heavy and dragged me down.”

She added: “Everybody was very scared.”

Crew members can be seen running to help her as she disappears beneath the water.

The 2018 SI Swimsuit Edition, also starring Aly Raisman and Ashley Graham, was released yesterday.

As you can see in the video, a crew member raced to rescue Kate, but couldn’t get a rip of her. It was too late. She is, however, a pro model, and broke into laughter moments after the scene.

Others on set lost their minds: “Oh my God! Get her out of here,” Sports Illustrated director MJ Day is heard in the video.

Despite the accident, it’s likely that Upton will do another shoot for SI in the future. She was named their Rookie of the Year following her first appearance in 2011, and was the annual issue’s cover model for 2012, 2013 and 2017.

Here is more on the model.

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