So Someone Face-Swapped Adam Driver And Keanu Reeves And The Internet Kinda Lost It

Two stunning actors – the 34-years-old Adam Driver, and the 53-year-old Matrix star. Both so handsome and awesome looking men who are apparently nothing alike. We don’t need to explain further how different they look, because you’ve made that conclusion by now, right? See for yourself:

So, this is the San Diego born actor, Adam Driver


And this is Keanu Reeves


Well, objectively, the two actors are nothing alike, right? But, a side-by-side observation reveals that like, only maybe they look sort of alike, the dark hair and beard help, for instance.

If we removed the facial hair and look at this investigation more professionally, we’d realize that they maybe do not look alike.


Well, it is somehow wrong, as this tweet from comic book writer Mark Millar revealed when he tweeted a face swap of both actors.

“Face-swap Adam Driver and Keannu Reeves and you just feel confused and slightly lost” tweeted  Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar)

Even though the picture looks more like Photoshop rendering of the actors’ faces together than a full face swap, it will manage to leave you speechless. It is truly impressive.

Here are some of the comments on the post, courtesy of Yesplz.

WRONG, apparently, as this tweet from comic book writer Mark Millar showed, when he tweeted a face swap of the two actors:

Face-Swap Adam Driver and Keannu Reeves and you just feel confused and slightly lost…

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) December 18, 2017

Granted, this is clearly not a full on face swap and seems to be more of a Photoshop rendering of their two faces together. Believe me when I saw I was the first to notice. Regardless, I’m still impressed and you should be too.

I just see two pictures of Adam Driver.

— Nick Collett (@NickCollett) December 18, 2017

Has anyone seen Keanu Reeves & Adam Driver in the same place at the same time? IS KEANU THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE FIRST ORDER??

— Katie Kelsoe (@kmkelsoeee) December 19, 2017

Adam Driver is just a 4K Keannu

— Disdrey Studios (@AndreyLouis) December 18, 2017

I’d be the first in line to see a movie starring both of these actors:

Give me a movie with Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver where they are an estranged father and son duo who get caught in some crazy shit and they get guns.

— (@Jake_Whyman) December 19, 2017

— David the Wavid (@David_the_Wavid) December 18, 2017

They should go get a drink or something.

Source: yesplz