An Effective Way To Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Growth

Babies grow up pretty quickly, one day they are newly born and the next they are 10 months old. Am I exaggerating? The first year, however, is full of significant and noticeable changes, progress points are noticeable in the change of their bodies. But these days will never return so it would be nice to keep track of them and save them as dear memories to look back on when the baby is, well, no longer a baby and is capable of understanding progress.

Today especially, it’s so simple to keep track of memories. With technology all over the place, it would be odd if people found it difficult to keep memories safe. People are doing everything – from taking videos of their children in specific periods of time and sending them to an email account created specifically for the child, to keeping written journals. But another very effective and adorable way of preserving memories is through journals, better say photo journals to be more exact.

See below for a specific and unique example on how to preserve progressive memories of your little child.


1-3 Months

“Favorite activity: Eating.”

Same, tbh.


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4-6 Months

During this period babies tend to become a lot stronger physically.


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7-9 Months

During these months the baby is able to sit up without support.

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10-12 Months

“Two more teeth”

During this period the baby’s teeth start to come in, they are now able to utter certain words. There is progress also in their cognitive skills, as they start recognizing between objects and people a lot easier.

Credit: Tonya Teran []

Now that you know how to perfectly keep track of your child growing up, go ahead and proceed with this photo journal. I would really like to have one like this while growing up, but it’s totally understandable that at the time I was an infant, technology was not as… developed.

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Source: Momjunction