Kelly Clarkson Does An Amazing Cover Of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”

If there’s someone who could take on any song and rock it, it’s got to be Kelly Clarkson.

The singer performed a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s song “Shallow”, which they sing on their movie A Star Is Born, during the latest episode of her “Minute + A Glass of Wine” series.

Even though the song is a duet, Clarkson perfectly covered both parts like the pro that she is.

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Before she started to sing, the 36-year-old singer praises Gaga, saying: “I love artists. I know there’s a lot of competition with artists in any industry, but there’s a lot of us that just dig each other and we really get inspired by each other and what they’re doing.This chick is amazing. We’re really different, but at the same time we’re similar in the fact that she just loves music and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing.”

You can watch her performance below. The cover begins around the 7-minute mark.

Clarkson also shared a story with the crowd, detailing a time when she and Gaga performed at the same show, and how afterward the “Bad Romance” singer wrote her a letter explaining how nice it was to open a show for her.

“She was the nicest human being ever,” Clarkson said, adding: “It’s so cool to know that someone that talented is so nice.”

Lady Gaga has already won two Grammys for “Shallow”, as well as a Critics’ Choice Award and a Golden Globe. After she received her Critics’ Choice award, the singer spoke about the meaning of the song, explaining that it is “a conversation between men and women. Asking each other questions about life and a desire for more depth of the shallowness of a modern era.”

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While at the Grammy Awards, she used her acceptance speech to talk about mental health issues people, and artists, face, saying she is “so proud to be part of a movie that addresses mental health issues, they’re so important,” and that “we got to take care of each other. So, if you see somebody that is hurting, don’t look away. And if you are hurting, even though it might be hard, try to find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody and take them up in your head with you.”

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Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, made her acting debut on the critically acclaimed hit movie, A Star Is Born, in which she stars alongside Bradley Cooper, who also directed the movie. Her performance was met with a lot of positivity and even earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination. The movie is also nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Song for “Shallow.”

Gaga and Cooper are set to perform “Shallow” together at this year’s Oscars, something which the actor said he is “terrified” about, but Gaga, who’s a seasoned pro at performing in front of large crowds will probably handle with ease.

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