Kelly Rowland Posts Picture Wearing No Makeup And She Looks Like A Stunner

We see celebrities every day on our little or big screens – in the majority of cases, they are looking flawless with their makeup on fleek and hair done perfectly and their glamorous and expensive outfits. What’s difficult for some people to understand is that not everyone is how they appear – social media has a way of letting people decide how they want to be seen.

Our celebrities have many times appeared even without makeup in the public eye to prove a point or simply be themselves.

Kelly Rowland makeup free

Through this, they have somehow taken a stand against beauty standards and – considering there are a lot of people who take inspiration from them – their gestures have been quite influential.

Christina Aguilera has, recently, done a makeup-free photoshoot. She appeared with a bare face and adorable freckles.

A makeup-free picture has also been posted by Kelly Rowland. She was a member of Destiny’s Child.

Kelly, Michelle Williams, and Beyoncé reunited at the Coachella Music Festival last April.

Kelly Rowland makeup free

Kelly shared a picture of herself on Instagram stories, laying in bed in her pajamas. “Washed, moisturized, and not filtered. I’m on my @gabubion.” she wrote on her picture.

This, however, is not the first time she has gone free of makeup. She has been posting barefaced pictures on social media for quite some time now. She was also featured in People magazine’s Most Beautiful People, making her part of their Not a Drop of Makeup campaign.

She told People:

“I started wearing makeup at 14 for Destiny’s Child,”

“I remember the first time I saw my lashes with mascara on them – it was my favorite thing. For me, makeup reminds me of work. Without it, I feel natural and untouched.”


Source: Vt