Kendall Jenner Got Bangs And People Believe She Resembles Both, Kris And Kylie

Well, who can resist the temptation of getting a new hairstyle? Sure not Kendall Jenner. I mean, this time.

On Monday, the supermodel took to Instagram to share a picture in which we could see her debuting a new hairstyle. Although we’re not exactly used to seeing Kendall switch around different hairstyles a lot – it sure came as a surprise to see her sporting none other than bangs.

But apart from the fact that she looks truly fabulous, Kendall Jenner has also left her fans with divided opinions. While some of them believe the 23-year-old supermodel resembles her mom with her new ‘do, others claim that she looks quite a lot like her younger sister, Kylie.

While Kylie is quite known when it comes to hairstyle changes, switching from blonde to silver, and all the way to blue – her sister Kendall is pretty constant when it comes to her hair.

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

The Instagram post included a picture and two short clips where she was seen rocking her new bangs to the fullest! She captioned the post with: “yes, no, maybe so?”


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Soon after she posted the image, fans gathered in the comments section to express their opinions.

While some believed she looked like Kylie, others wrote Kendall looked ‘so much’ like Kris.


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The gorgeous momager, Kris, has been rocking bangs and short hair for quite some time now. And, although her bangs are somehow swept at the side, Kendall Jenner sure resembles her with her new hairstyle.

So, what do you think? Kylie or Kris? Who does Kendal resemble more? I’d personally go for Kris!

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Source: Eonline