Khloé Kardashian Claps Back After Being Mom-Shamed For Her Long Nails

We’re pretty familiar with the term ‘mom shaming’ going all over the internet for generations now.  However, lately it has become rampant and you can barely meet a mom that doesn’t have a story to tell about it. It seems that the biggest culprit that moms are judged every day is how they choose to feed their babies. Whichever way you choose, mom shamers will always find something to talk about. They do this no matter if you’re a public figure, or just another ordinary earthling who does an ordinary job.

Take Khloe Kardashian, she’s been a mom for almost a year now after she gave birth to her daughter True, and yet she’s the other victim of mom shaming. This time Khloe was criticized for her long nails after she posted a picture of them on Instagram. People were doubting how she handles to take care of her baby True with those long nails, without scratching her. This was too much for Khloe and she took her time to hit back, vt, reports.

Photo Credit: Khloekardashian

One of the criticizing comments was: “I guess she’s not the one changing diapers, not with those nails,” The other one went: “the nails of a woman who pays other people to do everything for her.” 

And this one was the one that made Khloe reply back:

It’s hard to believe to do cooking, cleaning bathroom, washing dishes, taking care of the baby with that nail length. Not hating, looks beautiful and cute… but I absolutely do not believe you do house work with those nails 24/7. I’m talking about from morning till night time u do everything for kid and house.

Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to clap back to the harsh criticism:

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One time, a ‘fan’ even wrote a callous comment about True’s appearance.


Credit: Twitter

And Khloe clapped back with this mouth shouting reply:

You go Khloe!