Khloe Kardashian Snaps At Kourtney During Family Vacation In Bali: “Get Out Of My F–king Business”

The Kardashians take Bali!

It was supposed to be a relaxing family time, but the clip from Sunday’s new “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” shows the reality starts in the middle of a round of bickering with Scott Disick stuck in the middle.

The jet-lagged sisters were still weary from the full day of air travel they did to arrive in Bali together with their seven kids.

“Life is so crazy and hectic,” you can hear Kim saying. “I am so looking forward to having tea ceremonies on the daily. And just like eat, pray, love,” with whom Kourtney totally agrees.

The eldest Kardashian sister adds they should do some “soul-searching” but Khloe chimes in with “Speak for yourself” which then prompts the sisters to get into an argument.

Later in the clip, Kourtney calls out Khloe for (presumably) complaining about everything, leaving Khloe annoyed by her sister’s remarks. The 34-year-old was already stressing out about her daughter’s luggage which apparently the flight crew member told was ‘set up’ at the resort, but in fact, it wasn’t.

“I just…I’m more chill,” Kourtney says before Khloe cuts her off with “Are you on crack? That you’re chill?”

Khloe then turns to Scott saying Kourtney ‘complains for hours’ to which Kourtney replies saying Khloe is ‘critical.’

Well, that’s when all hell breaks loose…

You’re telling me that I’m f—king critical because I asked not just to be lied to about my daughter? If you get lied to about the f—king weather you throw a f—king fit. God forbid it was about your child,” Khloe snaps back.

Kourtney tries to calm things down saying that it was a misunderstanding, but Khloe doesn’t look very calm when she snaps “So get out of my f–king business then!” as she storms out of the room.

This episode looks like it’s going to be too much fun!


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