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12+ Hacks To Make Your House Kid-Friendly So They Have The Most Comfort & Safety

12+ Hacks To Make Your House Kid-Friendly So They Have The Most Comfort & Safety

As much as you think your house is safe and secured enough – there’s always a little kid who will find a potentially-dangerous spot. That is to say, your house is never safe enough! So always keep an eye open if you have little kids running around the interior of it.

Those little kids can be very attentive to detail. They will find a table and can’t wait to bump their head on it! I know, I’ve been a kid at one point in my life – and that’s how I got the two little scars I have in my forehead. I wonder what brought me back to my shy and not as energetic adult – because the person I am now would never waste their energy on running around the house! I guess that’s just how kids function.

Well, all in all, keep your house safe folks! I know one can never secure every inch of the house, but you can cover the majority of those places. Below you will find out just how easily you can make sure your kids or little siblings won’t go around bumping on things and getting hurt, or even touching things that are not kid-friendly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. You can store candy in old pill bottles so your kids don’t go around eating too much sugars.

kid-friendly house hacks
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2. You can keep your toilet bowl firmly shut with latches so your kids won’t play around with the toilet water.

kid-friendly house hacks
Credit: Instagram / @magicalmamablog

3. You can make use of your yoga mat and pool noodles so your kid is safe at night.

Credit: Instagram / @ashleymcfit95

4. Use fabric paint to make your kids’ socks non-slippery.

Credit: Instagram / @paula.thanksmommy

5. If your wardrobe won’t keep shut, use elastic bands.

Credit: Instagram / @sweet.tooth.amber

6. If the elastic bands don’t work, use a scarf! (Because there are important, non-kid-friendly things in those drawers).

Credit: Instagram / @brendabubbavannortwick

7. This is how you can protect your Christmas tree.

Credit: Instagram / @farmhousecustomdesigns

8. Sharp edges and kids do not make a good combo!

Credit: Instagram / @punkzdad

9. A knotted door handle cover for the locks you don’t want your kids to open.

Credit: Instagram / @dollysheephome

10. Pool noodles work fine for the doors you want to keep open.

Credit: Instagram / @my.heartshome

11. Place a hairnet over your fan to protect your kid from sticking their fingers through the gaps of fan.

Credit: Instagram / @janebernadette08

12. You can use books to close the gaps in the stairway.

Credit: Instagram / @booksellersnz

13. Here’s how to keep the drawers shut.

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Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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