The Kid Who Ignored Justin Timberlake At The Super Bowl Became A Meme

There is one day each year when we get to see the sports and music world collide in spectacular fashion during the magnificent show watched by millions of Americans that is The Super Bowl. The annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), is actually so much more than that: football fans also get the chance to enjoy the famous, long-running Super Bowl Halftime Show which always features a performance by some of the greatest pop stars of the times and has been described as a “fundamental link to pop culture”.

The most recent Super Bowl LII on February 4 saw Justin Timberlake leading the halftime show. One boy wasn’t impressed, though. While the world’s eyes were peeled, he decided to check his phone with the 37-year-old pop star standing beside him. Needless to say, the boy who was later identified as 13-year-old Ryan McKenna instantly became a meme sensation.

People loved watching the young blonde-haired New England Patriots fan totally ignore the spectacle that was going down around him. Some started asking themselves why he stared at his phone so much.

One Twitter user thought he might have been googling Justin Timberlake, while others thought he was playing HQ Trivia:

One commenter said that the kid is the new left shark – a dressed-up dancer at Katy Perry’s halftime show in 2015 who went viral when they got their dance move a bit wrong:

Then, there were people who suggested the kid had technical difficulties:

Others compared him to one of the Kardashians, because they are on their phones like all the time:

But regardless of the reason for his smartphone screen attachment, Ryan eventually snagged a selfie with Timberlake:

The Tennessee-born singer, who just released his album Man of the Woods, sang many of his hits during the halftime show at what many pundits described as one of the best Super Bowl games ever, in which the Philadelphia Eagles won the first trophy in their franchise history.

And while Ryan McKenna’s team fell short on the field, he would have found solace in the fact that he got 8,000 new followers on social media after the game!

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Source: Unilad