These 16 Kids Rock! They Took Their Parents’ Instructions A Bit Too Literally

Children are the most adorable creatures in the world: they always manage to make your day better, by making you laugh in the most innocent way. At the same time, they can be cleverer and more intelligent than adults. They make us our lives richer and they never cease to surprise us.

Check out these sixteen kids who have taken the instructions they were given really seriously. Of course, technically they aren’t wrong while being hilarious at the same time. Scroll down and enjoy the gallery, courtesy of Diply.

1. You can never ever hide from your kids. They know you the real you.


Source: theBERRY

2. They always do what you tell them


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3. He is just being brutally honest


Source: Reddit | allenme213

4. Banks have a very valuable place in our lives


Source: Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

5. They didn’t say “bring pet fish.” The teacher just said bring a fish.


Source: Reddit | Brickcups

6. Well, at the end of the day, it really is true, right?


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7. Next time don’t use ghosts in your exam


Source: Reddit | MartyFreeze

8. One mother told her daughter that she could not take clothes off of hangers and try them on so she found her doing this


Source: Imgur | Amdh

9. Or, choose different instructions


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10. His parents told him not to set a foot outside the house, so he listens to his parents


Source: 2makeyoulaugh

11. Well, the parents told him to just go play outside


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12. This mother asked her child to use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant so he used them for the soup, as well


Source: Reddit | justintcrow

13. So, he listens to his dad and they learn together


Source: Reddit | qpaenumw

14. And a very, very Happy New Year!


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15. That is how you show your thinking process


Source: Imgur | JNeil

16. Seems perfectly fine to me!


Source: Imgur | loominaty42069
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